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Lise Charmel

The highest value and the celebration of every woman’s intrinsic beauty and femininity are the factors that made Lise Charmel the reference brand in the luxury lingerie universe. Lise Charmel’s brand has been communicating elegance and quality ever since its foundation in the 1950s. Acquired by M. Jacques Daumal in 1975, Charmel relies on an exceptional artisanal and artistic experience to promote the constant innovation of all its products.

From photoshoots organisation and production to post-production and creation of advertising material and catalogues: Effetto offers Lise Charmel a full service.

  • Client

    Lise Charmel

  • Agency

    Effetto Production

  • Role

    Production, Post Production

Open Project
Before After


A natural beauty retouch was applied to the model. The entire sleepwear piece was replaced with an adaptation of the new style on the model. A mannequin shoot of the new garment was necessary to allow for its piece-by-piece reconstruction on the body.
All imperfections were eliminated, and the fitting of the garment was adjusted to the model’s body. Colours were modified to warm up the image, while the garment’s shade was faithfully transposed from the original fabric sample.
Before After
Before After
All the images were post-produced in all the different production colours which were all faithfully duplicated from the fabric samples provided by the client.

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